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Gregg and I were first introduced to Young Living Essential Oils in 1995 when we were given an Essential 7 Kit. That was it! No instructions, no training just told, USE IT,FOR WHAT? Needless to say,it sat on my bathroom counter unopened.  

The next month to our surprise, we received another Essential 7 Kit. We contacted the person who sent us the kits and asked what we were supposed to do with these essential oils? He was surprised that we hadn't opened the first box and told us that the Lavender Oil was really good for burns and that the Lemon Oil was good for disinfecting. He then told us that the Peace and Calming Oil worked very well with over active children.

The next month, we received yet another Essential 7 Kit. By this point we had opened the first kit and had the pretty bottles displayed in our bathroom. It was a stroke of luck that I would burn myself that month as for the first time I used the Lavender Oil. It did exactly what I was told it would do. It healed the burn very quickly. I decided to test the Peace and Calming on my 10-year-old son. I had been told to apply it to the bottoms of the feet. I did and it worked! Amazing!

The rest is history like they say. Our 10-year old Paul is now 28 and married to a wonderful woman and mother Jennifer. They have an adorable son Noah who will run to the lavender oil bottle for every bump and boo boo. A true Young Living Oiler. Our daughters Melissa and Michelle each have two children; Evan and Ella and Cora and Mason respectively. We have progressed from using just the Lavender and Peace and Calming to using almost every one of the 400 products that Young Living has in our everyday lives. Every room in our home has Young Living in them. From toothpaste and shampoos, to nutritional supplements and diffusers. We have used the oils from everything from bee stings to auto-immune deficiencies and everything in between and we use them all ways such as inhalation, topically and ingesting them.

Young Living Essential Oils promotes Wellness, Purpose and Abundance. Gregg and I take that one step further and say Wellness, Purpose, Abundance and the Purpose of Abundance. It is our desire to share the knowledge that we have been given about the oils. We love traveling the world sharing our experiences of wellness and how Young Living has changed our lives.

Gregg and I would love to hear from you. If you have any questions about Young Living or have some experiences that you would like to share please contact us.

Here's to Healthier Thymes!

Gregg and Carol Johnson

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